Top Things To Expect For Magaluf 2021

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It’s no secret, the current world crisis regarding COVID-19 has changed the world forever. One area that has been deeply affected is the travel industry. As of right now, no one knows what the future holds for holiday destinations such as Magaluf, but what we do know is that the industry will need to go on and continue with a new normal.

As of May 11th 2020, Spain entered what was called phase 1 of the lockdown process, allowing bars and restaurants in Magaluf to begin reopening again. While the summer season in 2020 will have a lot of restrictions, 2021 should hopefully return back to normal but with a few likely changes.

Here is a list of what we expect from Magaluf 2021:

Airport Checks

What we do know is that the entire world and travel industry, such as airports, will be greatly affected by COVID-19. However, Spain is eager to reopen and Magaluf airport, which is located in Palma de Mallorca, hugely relies on tourists as do other local business.

Magaluf airport has already started to lift restrictions and in 2021 expect to answer a simple disclaimer when travelling. Similar t0 post 9/11, travellers can expect to answer a few questions about their health and symptoms before flying to Magaluf, Mallorca.

No More Buffets?

Magaluf hotel deals

While we can only predicted what changes will take place in Magaluf 2021, one thought is that all inclusive buffets may need to stop and be replaced by waiter service.

While this does affect the hotels more than local restaurants in Magaluf, it is a change that we could possibly see in 2021..

The Busiest Summer Yet

Magaluf holiday deals 2021

The season in 2020 will be very quiet as most people have moved their Magaluf holidays to 2021. This means in 2021 we can expect tourists from both years to flock to Europe’s best party destination. We will find that less people will be inclined to travel to far away destinations like Thailand and Cancun, and more inclined to travel just 2 hours away from their home to places like Mallorca.

Magaluf, which is one Spain’s Balearic islands, along with Ibiza and Menorca, is already an extremely popular holiday destination. In 2021, expect the islands to be the most visited destinations in the world.

Bigger And Better Events

Mambos Magaluf Events

Club and event promotors have had a whole extra year to plan what Magaluf events they want to bring to the public in 2021. With all this time on their hands, you can expect the biggest parties and events Magaluf has ever seen.

From pool parties at Ocean Beach Club, to the brand new renovated BCM Magaluf, we are certain to expect the best year for events Magaluf has seen in a long time.

Return Of Live Sports

Where to watch Euro 2021 in Magaluf

Euro 2020 has been moved to 2021, and watching the football tournament in the sun, on a huge outdoor screen with pints of beer flowing has always been something people want to tick off their bucket-list.

Places like Mambos Magaluf have always been a popular place to watch all the live sporting events, but in 2021, expect places like this to be overflowing with amazing atmosphere.

Cheap Magaluf Holiday Deals

Wave House Magaluf deals

Magaluf is one of the cheapest holidays destinations for people travelling from Europe, and in 2021, expect it to get even cheaper and better.

The island of Mallorca thrives on tourists and 2020 has taken a massive hit. Expect Magaluf flights and hotels to be their cheapest yet as businesses try to rebuild and recover from 2020.

In conclusion, we believe that 2020 will be a difficult year for everyone, and as the world starts to return to a new normal, Magaluf, and the entire island of Mallorca, will be hotspot for people looking for that much needed holiday.

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