Lovely Laura Pool Party

With DJ Ben Santiago

Lovely Laura and DJ Ben Santiago are set to bring their talents to Island Beach Club in Mallorca on 19th May, 20th July, and 11th August. These two top-tier entertainers have been thrilling audiences with their dynamic performances for years across the world.

Lovely Laura has been playing saxophone since she was a child, developing her craft over the years until she reached the level of skill that earned her an international following. Her unique style brings together elements from jazz, blues and funk into an electrifying sound that gets crowds of all sizes up and dancing. Meanwhile, DJ Ben Santiago is internationally renowned for his ability to mix hip hop beats with house grooves that creates an unforgettable atmosphere every time he takes the stage.

The shows will take place at Island Beach Club in Magaluf. Tickets are expected to go fast as they always do when these two world-class performers come together on stage. So be sure to grab yours soon if you want to experience this amazing event!

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