Magaluf Bars

The ultimate guide to all the best bars to visit in Magaluf this summer.

The Best Magaluf Bars To Visit This Summer

A very important part of the Magaluf nightlife scene are the many music bars dotted around the iconic Magaluf Strip. This is where clubbers go to warm-up before big nights out or to listen to music and dance on balmy nights beneath the stars.

Most of the Magaluf bars have free entry and have great local or international guest DJs playing. You only need 30 or 40 people to create a really great atmosphere. This makes the Magaluf nightlife a great place to visit for clubbers from around the world.

Magaluf bars start getting busy early evening and will run until late. For the best deals, speak the PRs outside the bars, especially if you are in a large group.

What time do the Magaluf bars close?

Nearly all the bars in Magaluf stay open until 4 am. Some bars that are classed as nightclubs can stay open until 6 am.

Where is the best nightlife in Magaluf?

Magaluf nightlife is jam-packed with bars and nightclubs. These have been designed for tourists that cover all sorts of genres, vibes, and social scenes. This comes to little surprise as Magaluf is the capital of nightlife in Europe.  This resort is a must-go for extreme partygoers.

With so many bars to choose from, we’ve narrowed them down to the best and most popular ones that you need to visit out on the Magaluf strip. 

So here are the best bars in Magaluf.

Stereo Bar Magaluf

If you are looking for a wild night out, full of drinking and having fun, then you can’t go on your trip in Magaluf without visiting Stereo Bar.

Open until 4 am, you could easily spend an entire night here and you will be enticed to return again.

Inside the bar you won’t find a more electric interior. Expect to see people dancing up on tables as this is encouraged by the staff there. Drinks are pretty cheap, and the venue can hardly be faulted.

The outside is a little more relaxed as there is a large terrace you can sit on and enjoy a more relaxed drink out. Stereo Bar Magaluf also accommodates visitors in the day as their outside terrace serves good food. This makes Stereo an all-around versatile bar with plenty to offer.

The huge bar has a nightclub feel, with a massive sound system, light and laser effects.

VIP booths can be booked online for special occasions and it is a hotspot for hen parties looking for things to do in Magaluf.

Stereo’s resident DJs play a mixture of charts, RnB and dance so you can expect something for everyone here.

Stereo Temple

Sister bar to Stereo Magaluf, Stereo Temple is located directly next door. The venue is hosted over two floors with the second floor giving access to an exclusive VIP balcony. This balcony overlooks the two venues and the Magaluf strip.

Stereo Temple is great if you are looking for a VIP location where you can go with your large group of friends.

There are two floors that allow you to mix up your evening as well. Firstly, the ground floor hosts the main bar and drinking area, alongside a top-drawer DJ. If you head upstairs, you will be invited to the VIP balcony that has a great view of the entire Magaluf strip and Stereo Bar.

In addition, there is a more toned-down outside terrace that serves a range of cocktails and shishas.

Temple is a great place to start your night out on the Magaluf strip. Waitress service and handmade cocktails on the outside terrace is the ideal place for those warm summer nights.

Stereo Temple is also home to the cocktail masterclass.

Crystals Magaluf Bar

Crystals bar is located at the start of the Magaluf strip and is a stag and hen hotspot.

The resident DJs play anything, from big party anthems to classic cheesy retro hits.

Crystals is great for large groups looking for something fun and due to its location, it is very popular at the start of the night.

The outside terrace provides chill-out sofas with full table waitress service and shishas available on request.

Alex's Magaluf Bars

A street home to four of Magaluf’s most busiest bars and located right in the centre of the Magaluf strip.

Alex’s RnB has been one of Magaluf’s most popular bars for the past 20 years. Do not expect to find cheese and party music here. The strictly RnB and hip hop venue gets very busy during the summer months and is a popular place for people finishing their night out on the Magaluf strip.

Alex’s Party next door is great for people looking for cheesy fun music and a party atmosphere. An ideal spot for stag parties and hen parties.

Next is Alex’s Indie, a smaller venue dedicated to indie and rock. Expect a lot of sing-a-longs and air guitars.

And finally, Alex’s Lounge. An outside terrace bar located opposite Alex’s RnB. Alex’s Lounge plays the latest in house music, and with chill-out furniture and pool tables. It is a great place for people looking to relax or start their night out on the Magaluf strip. 

With something for everybody, Alex’s has established its venues as some of the best Magaluf nightlife around.

The Magaluf Square

Formally BCM Square, now The Square Magaluf, is home to a collection of bars off the Magaluf strip.

The venues located in the The Square include Peaky Blinders Magaluf, Coyote Ugly, Beirkeller and The Ivy Lab. 

Each bar has its own unique style and atmosphere and provides a create variety of different drinks to enjoy.

The Plaza Emporiyum is home to a collection of different food stations and with a huge outdoor terrace, it the the perfect place to enjoy something to eat while the sun sets over Magaluf.

Magaluf Square is located next to BCM Magaluf and Hotel Samos and is one of the more popular places for live sports due to their numerous outdoor screens.

Coco Bongos Magaluf

Coco Bongos Magaluf

The famous Coco Bongos is one of Magaluf’s biggest bars.

Their nightclub like atmosphere plays all the biggest anthems of the summer while the massive outdoor terrace provides the perfect spot for relaxing with a cocktail.

Coco Bongos is mostly busy at the start of the night as it is located off the Magaluf strip and next to BH Mallorca and BCM Hotel.

The venue is open during the daytime where you can get a full English breakfast and lunch until the early evening. It is also home to the afterparty for the show Pirates Reloaded.

Tiger Tiger Magaluf

TigerTiger is right in the heart of the Magaluf strip and attracts all sorts of people because of its excellent clubbing area. It is a fairly new bar on the Magaluf strip, so visitors are keen to try it out. From reviews so far, it is up there as one of the best bars in Magaluf for clubbing. It’s definitely worth a visit if you come across it.

If you are coming to Magaluf with a large group of friends or on a stag or hen do, you can book one of their exclusive VIP booths.

Outside there is a nice terrace area which will get you warmed up for the electric atmosphere the inside has to offer.

Mr Miyagi's

This is a spanking brand-new bar that is expected to deliver top quality night out for all. It opened in July 2020 and has the reputation of being Magaluf’s newest bar. It consists of an indoor dance floor that enables you to party and dance right up until 4 am.

There is an oriental theme all round, so it has its unique features about it as well. Typically, the DJs play House and RnB music, which means there’s always a high energy vibe flowing around the place.


Galaxy Magaluf

Looking for a great place to drink, dance and party in Magaluf? Look no further than Galaxy Bar! This new bar has everything you need for a night out on the town, including live DJs, VIP booths and a central location. Whether you’re looking for a place to pre-drink before heading to the clubs or a place to keep the party going all night long, Galaxy Bar is the perfect spot for you.

The bar features a huge outside terrace where you can enjoy cocktails whilst overlooking the Magaluf strip. Inside is a dancefloor with a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting. Galaxy Bar is the perfect place to let loose and have a good time.

Night Flight Magaluf

Night Flight is another new bar/nightclub located in the middle of the Magaluf strip. Unlike other bars, Night Fight is open until 6 am whilst other bars are open until 4 am. 

If you are looking for a place to continue the party after 4 am but don’t want to head to a Magaluf nightclub, then Night Flight is your best choice.

The Red Lion

Red Lion Magaluf

The Red Lion Magaluf is one of the most famous bars on the Magaluf strip. The Red Lion is known for its wild party atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place to let loose and have a good time, this is the place for you!

Red Lion Magaluf has something for everyone, with a wide variety of drinks and a lively atmosphere. The music policy at the Red Lion Magaluf is mostly party music making it a great bar to visit if you are coming to Magaluf on a hen party or stag weekend.


Lennons Magaluf

If you head up the Magaluf strip you will find Lennon’s Bar, which is an older bar that specialises in stag and hen dos.

The clubbing scene may not be as vibrant here, however, there is great sing-along music on all night. Lennon’s is the perfect place to hear the classic anthems.

In general, people would describe it as a nice relaxed bar, with great service and friendly staff. The selection of drinks is huge and the place itself acts as a great alternative to the more hectic clubs and bars of Magaluf.

Capitol Bar

Capitol Bar is one of the few venues that boasts a great view of the Magaluf strip. A favourite amongst the Magaluf workers, the drink prices in Captiol bar are extremely competitive making this a great place to sit back, relax and watch the action on the Magaluf strip unfold.

The venue is located above Secrets Lapdance and is a great place to enjoy a night out in Magaluf.

The music policy is charts and RnB and has an outside terrace overlooking the Magaluf strip.

Faces Magaluf

Faces Magaluf

The stylish bar can be found at the top of the Magaluf strip. Face’s is a great bar for groups coming from hotels in Torranova and Palmanova.

This small, but popular bar is the ideal destination for those of you looking for a warmup for the clubs. It is a slick and modern bar that has a great feel-good aroma that allows you to get hyped for the remaining part of your night.

Among the youths, it is particularly popular as there is a modern and trendy feel to the place. You’re likely to meet like-minded people here and in essence, it is of enough quality to spend an entire night here because you’ll never get bored of it.

JD Sports Lounge

JD Bar Magaluf

JD Sports Bar is a cosy little place that is perfect if you are wanting to escape from the loud raves and music that the other bars are blaring out. The quality of drinks is second to none and we recommend that you get your hands on one of the freshly made cocktails. Their bar also specialises in shishas; therefore, you are getting a really chilled vibe here in comparison to the other listed places.

Open both day and night, it is a popular little bar that enables you to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy some quality drinks in a calmer venue.

Piano Bar Magaluf

Piano bar magaluf

It’s not a night out without a visit to the famous Piano Bar Magaluf.

Piano Bar Magaluf is the perfect place to enjoy live music and delicious cocktails.

Located in the heart of Magaluf, the bar features a wide range of musical genres, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a long day exploring the island.

The intimate setting is perfect for couples or small groups, and the knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend the perfect drink to accompany your evening.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or a lively night on the town, Piano Bar Magaluf is sure to have something for everyone.

Eastenders Bar Magaluf

The famous Eastenders Bar is situated just off the main Magaluf strip and next to Palmanova. One of the original bars, it is a great place to start your night out if heading to the main strip from the Palmanova end.
This bar also serves a great lunch menu during the daytime for anyone looking for something good to eat.

All in all, there is such a huge range of bars in Magaluf that provide excellent nights out. It will take you months on end to have a proper night out in each one of them, so make sure you have planned of the ones you fancy heading to in order to maximise your nightlife experience in Magaluf.

Each one of the bars are affordable and won’t cripple your wallet, so allow yourself to go wild and enjoy your stay in Magaluf. Don’t forget to check out our guide to the best nightclubs in Magaluf.

Where to stay in Magaluf for nightlife?

There are over 30 main hotels that surround the Magaluf strip that offer the best access to enjoy the nightlife. Read our guide to the best hotels in Magaluf to find out where is the best place to stay.