The Top 10 Restaurants In Magaluf

Magaluf is jam packed full of some fantastic hotels that meet all angles. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a relaxing or party holiday, there are so many great options when booking hotels to Magaluf, that any of them will make your stay one to remember.

Many hotels in Magaluf are located alongside the stunning beaches of Calvia, Magaluf and Palma Nova, and others are situated right next to the Magaluf strip, giving you so many options to choose between. The versatility Magaluf offers in terms of hotels can be seen below, where you can scan through some of our top picks in the area and find the exact one that you are looking for.

Blackbeard’s Beach Bar and Grill

Situated bang in the centre of Magaluf, treat yourself to a great evening out at the Blackbeard’s Beach Bar and Grill.

This family friendly place welcomes everyone and invites you to have a delicious meal whilst taking in the stunning views the bay has to offer. The food is of a great standard as there is plenty of choice that covers BBQ, vegan and gluten free options.

The best thing about this places is the laid-back vibes that enable you to eat and drink in peace. The live music always matches the pleasurable vibe that Blackbeard’s consistently has.

In terms of affordability, you will be pleasantly surprised as food and drink comes cheaply, so go wild and order whatever takes your fancy.

Bondi Beach Magaluf

If you’re looking for amazing Mediterranean cuisine while on vacation in Magaluf, look no further than Bondi Beach Magaluf. This stunning beachfront restaurant offers dishes cooked by an award-winning chef, as well as breathtaking views of the sea.

Bondi Beach Magaluf is also known for its incredible paellas, so if you’re craving a traditional Spanish meal, this is the perfect spot. With its convenient location next to the Sol Wave House hotel and just steps from the sand, Bondi Beach Magaluf is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

This trendy restaurant also features an award-winning cocktail bar where you can sit back and sample some of the best made cocktails in Magaluf.

Barbuda Beach Bar And Grill

There are 5-star reviews from all angles for the Barbuda Beach Bar and Grill, check them yourself and many people have described this to be the best location to eat in Magaluf and Palma Nova.

There is an extensive, but not overwhelming list of foods you can go for here that cover a whole array of cuisines, including the local seafood that you have got to try.

This may feel like a premium place to eat at, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the value for money you are getting from this place. In our opinion, the quality of food is equivalent to some of the very high-end restaurants and you’re getting it for a fantastic price.

Barbuda Beach Bar and Grill invites gluten free and vegan visitors and there is a whole section in the menu especially designed for those of you that fit this category. We won’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to come back here after your first outing as not many places can match the all-round quality of this restaurant in Palma Nova.

The Olive Tree

Other restaurants in Palmanova include The Olive Tree. This restaurant is located on the Palma Nova beach and is only a few minutes walk from Magaluf.

The Olive Tree oozes Mallorcan culture as the bulk of the menu is made up of local dishes that are popular in the area. This is ideal if you are after for some authenticity and a mix up to some of the more touristy restaurants in Magaluf.

The Olive Tree attracts so many people because of the value for money and the location of the property.

More often than not, there is live music on that sets an upbeat, vibrant ambiance that will make this place a memorable one for you.

Anyone is welcome here as the Olive Tree accepts all guests, including those of you who are gluten free, vegan, or vegetarian and if you’re not up for eating here, then you have to try one of the smoothies or shakes that the Olive Tree are known for because they are utterly delicious.

Ibizza Magaluf

When it comes to choosing your food, you will be spoilt for choice as you can opt for Italian, European or Mediterranean options, so even for you picky eaters there is something for you.

Ibizza Magaluf is located directly on the beach front and it occupies views that are a sight to behold, making it the perfect place to dine.

If you just want drinks, then you shouldn’t worry as there is a huge selection of various beers, wines, ciders, and cocktails on offer.

The tables are spacious, and seating is always comfortable, which is why most guests stay here for hours on end. You’ll do well to find a negative review of the Ibizza restaurant, so why not give it a try!

SiSo Beach

SiSo Beach is the perfect spot for a relaxed day by the water. enjoy stunning views of the Palmanova bay while sipping on refreshing cocktails or indulging in delicious Mediterranean food. Their special menu, created by executive head chef Claudio Vargas, offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. So whether you’re looking to soak up some sun or enjoy a night out, SiSo Beach is the perfect place for you!

Located on Son Matias Beach, SiSo Beach is around a 5 minute walk from Magaluf. Reservation at weekends are needed as this restaurant in Magaluf gets booked up quickly.

Plaza Emporiyum

Plaza Emporiyum is a food court located in the Magaluf Square next to BCM.

Primarily, you can choose between Italian, Steak, Thai, or Spanish cuisines, depending on your preference with vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options being available all round.

In terms of selection and choice, you are getting the best of the best due to the fact that so many types of food are served here.

The food court is composed of many different stations of varying cuisines and you can always ask the friendly staff to help you navigate your way around the place or.

On the outside of the building you will be treated to glorious views of BCM and a great sight of the Spanish horizon, so we think that it is worth paying a few more euros than average outing to dine in a place like this.

Nikki Beach

The well-known Nikki Beach offers a fantastic global cuisines that serves all sorts of food coming from all over the world. In particular though, some of the local seafood is a must try as it is freshly made here in Magaluf.

Out of all the restaurants in Magaluf, Nikki Beach is on the higher end and is easily one of the most expensive restaurants to visit.

In general, this is a hot spot for adults, so we suggest that no under 18s come here, especially if you are with the family.

Ultimately, you’re bound to have a balling night at the Nikki Beach restaurant as it simply offers everything you could possibly want for dining.

Iroko Mallorca

While not a cheap hotel in Magaluf, Melia South Beach is a trendy, super modern accommodation that has been inspired by the latest fashions and trends. The audience tends to be from the younger generations, but in hindsight it is a place for all.

The hotel prides itself on their wonderful sea views that stretch all round, even from the of pools you will be invited to view the stunning spectacles.

It is a quirky but unique hotel and is great if you are looking to differ from the conventional hotels in Magaluf.

Due to the fact that it is in close proximity to the Nikki Beach Club, nights out are great here too.

In each room there is a flat screen TV, air-conditioning, free and fast WIFI, alongside a minibar in each room, which makes staying here a pleasant experience. You won’t be let down by the dining here as there is a whole variety of cuisines on offer that you can get stuck into.

Robinson Crusoes

This is a family-friendly spot that sits right in the heart of the Magaluf beach, so you’re likely to pass it at least a couple of times. Everything about is screams quality as there is great food, great value for money and a pleasant atmosphere that makes you want to come back.

You can visit here at any time of the day as the breakfast and lunch menus are pretty intriguing. This also includes the afterhours if you’re looking to stay out later.

You can treat yourself to a swanky cocktail or just go for something more familiar. The choice is really yours.

Vegan and gluten free options are on offer here abundance as well as a variety of cuisines and types of food. Ultimately, not many people have anything negative to say about this restaurant, therefore we’ve decided to include it as one of our top picks.

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