Where is the Magaluf strip?

The iconic Magaluf strip is located on the Spanish island of Majorca.  This stretch of road is also known as Punta Ballena. The Magaluf strip is the centre of all the Magaluf nightlife. It is home to a collection of bars, nightclubs, shops and hotels.

It is easy to get to the Magaluf strip. This road is within walking distance from all the hotels in Magaluf and only 50 metres from the Magaluf beach.

When is the Magaluf strip open?

Magaluf strip

Magaluf is a summer holiday resort and is open from March to October every year. However, depending on what kind of holiday you are looking for also depends on when is the best time to visit the Magaluf strip.

Whilst stag and hens visit all year round, the most popular months for stag and hen parties visiting Magaluf are April, May and September. 

During these months you can get the best deals on hotels. During the week can be a little quiet but if you are coming for a Magaluf weekender, these months are the best time to come on a stag do or hen party. We recommend booking your Magaluf event tickets before you arrive using Magaluf Stag and Hen.

Busiest Months

The busiest months are from June to start of September. This time is known as high season. It is the most popular time to visit the Magaluf strip, but also the most expensive. However, there are more Magaluf events during this time so you may find more activities available to book during your holiday.

During March and October, the Magaluf strip is only half open with just a small selection of bars and restaurants. It is still a good time to visit but expect a more quiet atmosphere.

Finally, between November and February, the Magaluf strip is closed.  Very few hotels are open and no bars, nightclubs or restaurants. 

The best places to visit on the Magaluf Strip

VIP roof terrace Magaluf

There is plenty of amazing places to visit along the Magaluf strip. The famous Punta Ballena consists of over 50 bars and nightclubs and a selection of fantastic restaurants. 

And what’s best is everything is close by and within walking distance. So there is no need to get taxis between venues.

Bars and Nightclubs

DJ at Stereo Magaluf

Everyone knows about the famous Magaluf party scene. The Magaluf strip is home to over 50 bars and nightclubs that all offer something different.

When it comes to bars, there is no shortage in Magaluf. You can read our in-depth guide about the bars in Magaluf to find out which ones you should visit. 

Also, make sure to check out bars such as Stereo and TigerTiger who both offer VIP tables for people looking to make their night extra special.

Nightclubs in Magaluf are open until 6am. You have the famous BCM Magaluf and a chain of nightclubs called MCP. 

BCM Magaluf

BCM Magaluf is one of the biggest nightclubs in the world! Located just off the Magaluf strip, BCM is a must-visit for anyone looking for a clubbing holiday.

The club is known for its massive parties, world-class DJs, and spectacular light shows. Therefore BCM Magaluf attracts partygoers from all over the world and is one of the most popular nightclubs in Europe. So if you’re looking for a wild night out, BCM Magaluf is the place to be!


Tokio Joes - MCP

MCP stands for Magaluf Club Pass. This pass gives you access to 5 of the main nightclubs in Magaluf for one price. And whats even better, you can switch venues in the same night and visit multiple nightclubs.

MCP consists of Boomerangs, Bananas, Car Wash, Tokio Joes and Honeys. Each nightclub is located right on the Magaluf strip and offers something different in each venue.

You can read more about MCP and the best Magaluf nightclubs here.


Bondi beach Magaluf

Whilst the Magaluf strip is full of takeaways for the late-night 4am snack, most of the best restaurants can be found along the beachfront. The beach is only 50 metres from the Magaluf strip and runs parallel to this famous road.

The restaurants you will find in Magaluf are:

  • Blackbeard’s Beach Bar and Grill
  • Bondi Beach
  • Robinson Crusoes
  • Boat Yard
  • Chili Lounge
  • Ibizza
  • Happy House
  • Tom Browns
  • Nikki Beach

But there are plenty of other restaurants located around the Magaluf strip in places like Palma Nova. The full list of all the Magaluf restaurants can be found here.

Things to know about the Magaluf strip

Magaluf strip

Magaluf is generally a very safe resort. The Magaluf strip is patrolled by the local police and Guardia Civil. However, with all major clubbing resorts, there are a few simple rules you should follow to keep you and your friends safe.

  1. Take it easy. In Magaluf there are no measurements for drinks. This means your vodka and coke is going to be a lot stronger than back at home. Be responsible with your drinking and take your time. The Magaluf strip is open until 4am with nightclubs closing at 6am. So there is no need to rush.
  2. Look after your friends. Never let a friend walk back to your hotel alone. Especially if you see that they have had too much to drink. Make sure to look after each other.
  3. Avoid the beach or dark places. Again, Magaluf has very little trouble, but it still is a very busy tourist resort. Avoid going to the beach at night or dark streets as you would with any busy city.
  4. Respect the police. If there is any trouble, the police will step in. Also listen to what they say and if you are not involved its best to keep away. The police have a very difficult job of controlling thousands of people in one street. If you need assistance, they are there to help you. There is also a dedicated Guardia Civil office at the start of the Magaluf strip. This can be found next to Stereo and The Magaluf Square.
  5. Respect the rules in Spain. There are certain rules posted around the Magaluf strip. These include no drinking in the street and always wearing a shirt. Make sure to respect these rules or be prepared to pay a fine.
  6. Bars close at 4am and nightclubs at 6am. During high season, the street can become very busy at 4am. If this makes you uncomfortable, make sure to leave the bar at around 3:30am to avoid the crowds.
  7. PRs and promoters. Each venue has a team of PRs designed to lure you into their venue. If you are in a group, some good deals can be made. But remember, Magaluf does not promote heavy drinking or 2-4-1 deals.


Its also good to book your event tickets before you arrive. Events and activities can sell out weeks in advance. Most Magaluf events can be booked with only a deposit and when booked through Go Magaluf, come with a refund guarantee.

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