Magaluf Nightclubs

The must-visit nightclubs in Magaluf you need to go to.

Must Visit Nightclubs In Magaluf

What makes great Magaluf nightclubs? We know that Magaluf, Majorca, is one of the most popular party destinations in the world. Magaluf has a huge multicultural atmosphere. The Magaluf nightlife attracts people from all over the world during the summer months.

The reason people love Magaluf is because of the wide selection of things to do. From stunning restaurants or beach clubs to renowned nightclubs and the most famous worldwide. And, with so much choice, which is the best Magaluf nightclub to visit when on a night-out in Majorca?

The Magaluf nightclub scene is split into two sections. One being the superclub that is BCM Magaluf. The other being the MCP clubs known as the Magaluf Club Pass.

The Magaluf Club Pass, or MCP, is a collection of four nightclubs and one strip club. The pass allows you entry into all 5 venues on the same night for the price of 1 club ticket. It’s a great way to enjoy the music you want to hear. If you don’t like one Magaluf nightclub, you can simply go to the next. Also, it is a great way to experience the Magaluf nightlife if you are only in town for a short Magaluf weekender.

Below, we show you a list of the best nightclubs in Magaluf that you should not miss out on. It will allow you to enjoy to the fullest the Magaluf nightlife has to offer.

BCM Nightclub Magaluf

Also known as BCM Planet Dance, or BCM Mallorca. It is Magaluf’s only “superclub”.

Voted every year in the “top 10 nightclubs in the world” by DJ Mag, BCM Magaluf is a must visit club for anyone that has the thirst for nightlife in Magaluf.

BCM Magaluf has a capacity of nearly 5000 people. This club is hosted across numerous rooms and floors with the main club room being the most impressive.

The likes of David Guetta, Snoop Dogg, Martin Garrix, Calvia Harris and Tiesto have all played at BCM a number of times. This makes BCM a must-visit hotspot for tourists and celebrity guests. Even Paris Hilton has done a set at this superclub.

VIP at BCM Magaluf

The newly reformed BCM has changed its looks over the years and is now classed as the best nightclub to visit across the entire island of Majorca.

Along with the impressive dance-floor that has made BCM famous, this Magaluf nightclub now features amazing, high-class VIP booths. You can book these booths if you prefer the finer things in life. There will be no need to queue for entry and waiting at the bar to get served your favourite drink has been eliminated.

Therefore, expect amazing waitress service direct to your table all night. This allows you to enjoy the entertainment and music that BCM does best.

The BCM calendar usually gets released at the start of the summer and tickets for their events can be found on the events calendar. 

So if you are going to Magaluf to visit one nightclub, this is the one.

Mansion Mallorca

The newest and trendiest nightclub to open along the Magaluf strip. Mansion Mallorca opened its doors in 2022 and has taken over the Magaluf nightlife scene.

This club features VIP booths, guest DJs and MC’s and is one of the best-looking Magaluf nightclubs.

Furthermore, famous Magaluf events such as the White Party and Jungle Invasion now call Mansion their home. Therefore, this nightclub is one of the best in Magaluf.

Boomerang Magaluf - MCP

Boomerang Magaluf

One of the four MCP Magaluf nightclubs dotted around the Magaluf strip, Boomerang is one of the best.

Located at the top end of the Magaluf strip, Boomerang hosts nightly events. It is home to celebrity appearances from people like Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan and Made In Chelsea stars.

Secondly, Boomerang Nightclub Magaluf features some amazing live acts during the summer which can all be found on the Magaluf Event Calendar. Previous summers have seen acts live Lethal Bizzle completely light up the dance floor.

Boomerang can be found towards the beach side of the Magaluf strip and next door to the bars Faces and Icon.

The neon lit stairs take you underground to a venue filled with a pumping dance-floor, amazing sound system and hypnotic lights. Surrounding the main dance floor are plenty of VIP booths and tables which can be booked out for the night. Ideal for groups looking to celebrate something special, or for anyone that just prefers having a bottle and a table when clubbing in Magaluf.

Finally, this nightclub in Magaluf also features a large outdoor smoking terrace. It’s is a great place for anyone looking to take a break from the intense clubbing atmosphere the Boomerang DJs provide.

As this club is part of the MCP chain, Magaluf Club Pass, you will be allowed access to the other venues on the same night.

Tokio Joes - MCP

Tokio Joes - MCP

Magaluf’s only hip hop and RnB nightclub, Tokio Joes is a must visit for anyone looking for an urban vibe.

Located right in the centre of the Magaluf strip, Firstly, Tokio Joes brings the best in urban music to Magaluf. Secondly, this nightclub is open all the way until 6 am. Tokio Joes can be found next to the Magaluf bars, Night Flight and Galaxy.

Out of the other Magaluf nightclubs, Tokio Joes generally opens a little later in the summer compared to other clubs and will usually be open from mid May until August. During the months of April and September, special events and nights will take place at this venue, all run by the same promoter MCP.

Furthermore, drink prices at Tokio Joes are extremely fair and competitive. A local spirit and mixer will set you back around 6€ while an entire bottle of Grey Goose and a VIP area for the night can be found for less that €100. Perfect if you are celebrating something special, like a stag do or hen party, or you simply wish to enjoy the atmosphere from your own VIP table. We suggest speaking to the PRs outside the nightclub to see what the best offers are for that night.

Bananas Magaluf - MCP

Bananas Magaluf - MCP

It’s all about the dance classics with Bananas Nightclub Magaluf. If retro hits are your vibe, this is the club for you.

Bananas is located at the very top of the Magaluf strip, near hotels based in Torranova and Palmanova. It is also the biggest out of all the MCP nightclubs with an amazing sound and light system.

Guest acts can be found here during the summer months which include Cascada to Sean Kingston. 

Above all, Bananas is the longest-running nightclub in Magaluf and has been opening its doors every summer since the 1980’s. Of course, things have changed over the years and Bananas has kept is classic nightclub vibe but upgraded the venue to feature some of the best clubbing technology around. From pumping speakers to some of the best lighting effect on the island, Bananas Nightclub is rated as one of the best for experience and atmosphere.

Finally, as Bananas is part of the Magaluf Club Pass, you can always hop next door to Car Wash if you want to take a break, or fancy a bit of cheese to dance and sing-a-long too.

Car Wash - MCP

Car Wash - MCP

Take a step back in time as you walk through the doors of Car Wash Magaluf. Car Wash is conveniently located next door to Bananas Magaluf nightclub. This is great because if you have the MCP (Magaluf Club Pass) you can change between the venues and it is all included in your ticket price.

The music in Car Wash is mostly cheese, classics and sing alongs, making it more of a fun nightclub in Magaluf. However, the venue is home to the famous Magaluf foam parties and paint parties which can be found on the summer calendar. These events are held weekly during the peak season and are a great way to spend a night out in Magaluf doing something you have never experienced before.

Magaluf Strip Clubs

Magaluf Strip Clubs

There are numerous strip clubs located across the Magaluf strip. These include:

  • Honeys Lapdance (MCP)
  • Secrets
  • Heaven
  • Pure
  • Velvet

Gone are the days of dirty, seedy strip clubs, the strip clubs in Magaluf are tailored towards the higher end market. Expect to be drinking top quality drinks and a more exotic atmosphere as you walk into one of these venues.

Believe it or not, the strip clubs in Magaluf are as popular for women as they are for men. They provide the perfect atmosphere to relax with a drink and take a break from the clubbing and loud music the other Magaluf nightclubs provide. This is why a lot of people find themselves finishing their night out at a strip club in Magaluf to help wind down before heading back to their hotel.

Furthermore, each strip club features private booths which can be rented for a dance with your favourite performer. Remember to bring some money, as these private dances do not come cheap, but can be a great way to treat the stag (or hen).

Finally, Pure is also home to Magic Matty XXS, the famous Magaluf Dwarf Stripper. Instead of treating your stag or hen to a private dance for a stunning girl, have them blindfolded and bring out Matty, the famous Dwarf stripper to give them a lapdance you will never forget.

Magaluf Nightlife Scene

So as you can see, the Magaluf clubbing culture is split between seeing a world-class DJ in BCM, or buying the Magaluf Club Pass and experiencing the four main nightclubs on the strip. Either way, you are sure to find the music you love and have a great night out in Magaluf that you will remember for years to come (or not remember the next morning). 

For more information about the Magaluf nightlife, read our in-depth guide on the best bars in Magaluf.