Magaluf Hotels

Where is best to stay on your Magaluf holiday.

The Best Hotels In Magaluf

Magaluf is jam packed full of some fantastic hotels that meet all angles. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a relaxing or party holiday, there are so many great options when booking Magaluf hotels. Any of these will make your stay one to remember.

Many Magaluf hotels are located alongside the stunning beaches of Calvia, Magaluf and Palma Nova. Others are situated right next to the Magaluf strip, giving you so many options to choose between. The versatility Magaluf offers in terms of hotels can be seen below. Scan through some of our best Magaluf hotels and find the one you are looking for.

BH Mallorca

BH Mallorca Magaluf hotel

BH Mallorca is thankfully sat right in the centre of the Magaluf strip and not overly far from the beach. This makes it hard to find a better place to go in Magaluf. If you’re looking for an unforgettable time away that will be packed full of fun, BH Mallorca Magaluf hotel is perfect.

BH Mallorca claims that it is the most thrilling place to stay in the whole of Magaluf and that comes to zero surprise. The hotel is home to some of the best venues and events in Magaluf including, pool parties, a waterpark, and a huge outdoor gym. Top quality restaurants are scattered around the hotel that have plenty of selection. These include native dishes, so you will never tire of the food here. With everything considered you would expect this hotel to be steep in price. However, it comes at a surprisingly affordable rate, so there’s nothing stopping you from packing your bags and heading off here.

Club B Apartments

Magaluf club b apartments

Known as one of the best cheap hotels in Magaluf. The Club B apartments are an affordable way of maximising the quality of your time away in Magaluf.

Each apartment is spacious which is great for groups, stags and hens. They are wonderfully comfortable as well. On each apartment there is a balcony that is great for observing the streets of Magaluf. You’ll be impressed with the amount of space you get considering the cheap price you have to pay.

The Club B Apartments are situated in the centre of Magaluf are actually next to the most famous waterpark in Mallorca, so we suggest you check that out. Everything about this place tells you that it is fantastic value for money. Though they may not be as swanky as some other hotels on this list, the Club B Apartments have everything you need. It is the best option if you are travelling on a tight budget.

BCM Hotel Magaluf

BCM Hotel

The BCM Magaluf Hotel has a great location and stunning pool area to enjoy the Magaluf weather on the sunny summer days. The Magaluf airport, Magaluf strip and many restaurants are in close proximity. This makes travelling non-existent, giving you more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

When it comes to dining you are treated on-site gastronomic restaurant that invites you dig into some of the local dishes served here. You can also head over to the global cuisine that serves something you may be more familiar with. Either way, the dining is great here and you can always rely on a quality meal at the BCM Hotel.



This adults only hotel is a top pick if you are looking for a more mature vacation that doesn’t involve loud children. Magaluf Hotel Honolulu is fortunately located right in the centre of Magaluf, perfect if you are after the sublime nightlife Magaluf offers. Furthermore, you are only a short walk away from the impressive beach that sits just off the Honolulu hotel. Magaluf beach consists of soft white sand and clear blue waters, the ideal spectacle.

It is hard to top what this hotel offers. Everything you could possibly want is served by this hotel and you won’t have to travel far to get involved in the action of Magaluf. There are a range of options including the all-inclusive, half board or bed and breakfast options.

Melia Calvia Beach

Melia Calvia Beach

Melia Calvia Beach Hotel sits on the best part of the beach and is home to some impressive views. It is a family friendly hotel and is one of the best places to go, especially if you have younger children.

Within the grounds of this Magaluf hotel there are five pools, each of which are specialised for either kids or adults. You should have no worries about the food here because judging by reviews, it is flawless and is always cooked with that special Mallorcan touch.

Ultimately, this hotel isn’t the number one destination if you are after night after night out in Magaluf. However, if you’re coming to Magaluf with the family and love the beach, then this is hands down the best option for you.

Sol House The Studio

Sol House The Studio

Sol House is one of our top picks here in Magaluf as it has a great location. It has plenty of facilities and a vibrant atmosphere that’s packed full of fun. It has been recently refurbished and now stands out from the crowd in Magaluf as it has been designed better than most.

You don’t have to worry about small children being here either as there is a strict 16 or over policy. We love the DJs that play throughout the day as they set a really charismatic vibe that just attracts people from all over. This, alongside the facilities on offer, like the fitness centre and solarium make the Sol House so special. This may be the place for you as it has everything you could possibly want and more.

Magaluf Hotel Florida

Florida hotel in Magaluf

This hotel is located right on the bay of Magaluf. It makes do for the perfect spot for nightlife and getting involved in the bustling vibrant atmosphere of the Magaluf strip.

The hotel itself is well known for its impressive beach views where you can take a swim in the sparkling crystal clear waters. We have noticed that the Hotel Florida is a very upbeat place where the staff are all very sociable and take good care of you. This alongside the evening entertainment the hotel provides makes it a pleasant spot to be in. Wi-Fi is available free of charge in all sections of the hotel which is of a super-fast speed.

The reviews of this place speak for themselves as this flawless hotel will give you a trip to remember. You will be inclined to come back here that’s for certain.

Magaluf Hotel Samos

hotel samos

Everyone who heads out to Magaluf has heard of the Hotel Samos as it is arguably the most popular hotel in the region. This is mainly because it accepts all sorts of people and makes do for a fantastic holiday for all.

It consists of a huge outdoor swimming pool that is surrounded by a solarium area which is one of the best features as you can relax for hours here.

The buffet-style restaurant that serves all three meals of the day has been given great reception by visitors. This is because the food is cooked to a high degree and there is plenty to choose from.

Located next door to BCM Magaluf and The Square, the Hotel Samos is one of our top picks. Your experience will be effortlessly fun and you’ll find nothing to complain about here.

Melia South Beach

Melia South Beach

While not a cheap hotel in Magaluf, Melia South Beach is a trendy, super modern accommodation that has been inspired by the latest fashions and trends. The audience tends to be from the younger generations, but in hindsight it is a place for all.

The hotel prides itself on their wonderful sea views that stretch all around. Even from the pools you will be invited to view the stunning spectacles.

It is a quirky but unique hotel and is great if you are looking to differ from the conventional hotels in Magaluf.

Due to the fact that it is in close proximity to the Nikki Beach Club, nights out are great here too.

In each room there is a flat screen TV, air-conditioning, free and fast WIFI, alongside a minibar in each room. This makes staying here a pleasant experience. You won’t be let down by the dining here as there is a whole variety of cuisines on offer that you can get stuck into.

Bahia Principe Sunlight

Hotels in Magaluf

There is a British feel to the Bahia Principe Sunlight, so you’ll feel like you never left. The hotel is a nicely built one that treats its guests kindly with a flat screen TV, minibar, and balcony in most rooms.

When it comes to meals or drinks out, then head over to Pardo’s or Tan a Gustito, two restaurants with extremely high reviews that will serve you up something you’ll love. in any way.

This place has an exceptional repertoire with its customers because they seem to keep on coming back every year and we can see why. The hospitality of the Bahia Principe Sunlight is sensational, and you will almost be treated like royalty here.

Sol Wave House

Sol Wave House

Sol Wave House is the ideal hotel in Magaluf as it ticks every single box in terms of what you want in your accommodation here. First of all, it offers rooms at an affordable price, making it great value for money because you are getting an exceptional experience if you stay here. We suggest that you take advantage of it and take a break in the Sol Wave House.

Located perfectly on the Magaluf beachfront and having an impressive infinity pool, there’s nothing to dislike about the place.

Every single room has been designed to a good quality as each one has a flat screen TV, a fridge, microwave, and free air conditioning. This makes your stay a pleasant one in the Sol Wave House. The property also has a decent selection of food and drink which rarely disappoints, so you are not going to feel disappointed in any way if you decide to book your trip here.

Bondi Beach Restaurant is located right next door. As is Stereo Club. If you stay at Sol Wave House, make sure to book a VIP table at Stereo as it is so easy to get to.

Hotel Martinique

Hotel Martinique

The HM Martinique is great if you are looking to get involved in the frantic nightlife, or if you just want a relaxing trip away. It has it all here.

It has been recently constructed and is right next to the beach and events like Pirates Reloaded and Gringo Bingo. It is hardly a surprise that people from all corners of the world like to stay here.

With plenty of restaurants living up to a great standard, you won’t have to travel far to get your hands on an excellent meal. In addition, there are a number of swimming pools that have been designed for either kids or adults and these are scattered all over the hotel.

For you party goers you won’t have to walk far to get in the action of the Magaluf strip that is world renowned. Ultimately, you won’t find yourself with nothing to do here and it is possible to have an excitingly fun week without even leaving the hotel itself!

Innside Calvia Beach

Innside Calvia Beach Hotel Magaluf

Innside Calvia Beach has some exquisite views that can’t be matched in the whole of Magaluf.

The Magaluf beach is just next to the hotel where you’ll be treated to the best beach in Calvia.

About the hotel itself, there is a brand new Rooftop9 swimming pool. This has great bar service and a high-end DJs, making it a pretty vibrant place to be.

Everywhere you go, the place oozes style as the rooms are nicely furnished and designed. Ultimately, you are most definitely getting your value for money if you stay with the Innside Calvia Beach hotel.

Each room has a flat screen TV, free WIFI and a really swish design in general that has more than enough space. You’re really coming here for the exceptional beach however, there are so many other great perks as well.

Sotavento Apartments

Sotavento Magaluf

Another great option if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Magaluf.

The Sotavento Apartments have been especially designed for those seeking fun nights out. So expect a lively atmosphere here with plenty going on. Check out some of the live DJs that host some of the best pool parties in Magaluf, which attract people from all sorts of places.

In addition, there is an impressive number of facilities. These include the outdoor Jacuzzis, Chillax area and pool bars. These have been given a lot of praise by stayers here and for good reason. If you love having a good time and are travelling with a group, then there is no better place in Magaluf to go.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, so you can enjoy your living area just as much as your nights out, though you may have to be 18 to stay here as it is adults only.

Sol Katmandu

Sol Katmandu

Sol Katmandu prides itself on being a suitable place to stay for every type of tourist that comes to Magaluf. The biggest feature of this hotel is the famous theme park that comes as part of the hotel package. The theme park offers 4D experiences, XS Dark Ride and battling the Walking Dead at zombies. This is something you won’t find anywhere else in Magaluf.

This unique hotel in Magaluf really is the ideal family destination. Mainly because there are so many fun activities to get stuck into. However, if you don’t fancy the theme park, then don’t worry as there are two pools on site aswell. These are always well regulated and enable you to have some relaxingly refreshing swims.

Sol Guadalupe

Hotels Magaluf

The beautiful ocean views is what makes this hotel in Magaluf what it is. The location of the Sol Guadalupe is an absolute gem. However, there is still plenty going on here as well. If you are coming with the family, then don’t worry as there is no age limit or anything like that.

There are actually specially equipped rooms for families, so this hotel is for the many not the few.

There is live music, entertainment, and a range of sports facilities on offer. You simply can’t dislike the place as there is something for everyone to do here. You aren’t far away from the hustle and bustle of Magaluf. So, if you want to go on a night out or two, then this is the place for you.

All in all, you aren’t short in terms of hotel selection here in Magaluf. There are so many great hotels scattered all over, almost making it hard to choose because there are so many. Whether you’re taking a break with the family or just heading out with your friends, you aren’t short on hotel options.

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