New Changes at BH Mallorca Hotel

Get ready for an amazing summer in Mallorca! Magaluf is getting a much-needed injection of family fun with the new Fergus Club Mallorca, set to open this summer.

Fergus Club Mallorca formally BH Mallorca

Occupying the premises that were previously home to the infamous BH Mallorca, this newest venture is all about creating an unforgettable family holiday experience. While the property once echoed with the energetic soundtracks of the Island Beach Club parties, today, it has morphed into a large family-friendly resort offering relaxation, amusement, and tons of fun!

Fergus Club Mallorca formally BH Mallorca

Fergus Club Mallorca has a strategic location near BCM Nightclub. Still, instead of complementing its nighttime ambiance, it is making a big statement by rebranding Magaluf’s holiday image. With its grand unveiling, Magaluf will now have just one beach club remaining, Nikki Beach, located along the Magaluf beach.

Fergus Club Mallorca formally BH Mallorca

The All New Fergus Club Mallorca Waterpark Hotel

Prepare yourself for an overwhelming sensory experience as soon as you walk through the doors of Fergus Club Mallorca. Its 656 fully renovated rooms have been intricately designed, putting comfort and luxury at the forefront. Designed to accommodate everyone, the rooms promise an oasis of tranquility after a long, adventure-filled day in the heart of the vibrant island.

Fergus Club Mallorca formally BH Mallorca

Apart from the exquisite rooms, Fergus Club has so much more to offer. With its major attraction, FERGUS Mallorca Waterpark, the hotel guarantees to have something fun and engaging for all ages. Its facilities include everything from a fully equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts to swimming pools for all age groups. The splash pool for the young ones will ensure their energy never dwindles. All these provisions ensure guests’ amusement and relaxation requirements are fully met.

Magaluf water park

It’s worth mentioning that the hotel boasts the largest water park within a hotel in the Balearic Islands. With a slew of slides and attractions, it guarantees to keep you entertained during your stay and makes Fergus Club a place where excitement and relaxation coexist beautifully.

Fergus Club Mallorca formally BH Mallorca

So while the party vibes of Magaluf continue to cater to its clientele, families, and visitors seeking a relaxed vacation will find an appealing alternative in Fergus Club Mallorca. It’s an exciting step towards creating a balanced and diversified tourism culture in Magaluf, welcoming not just the young and restless, but families and couples too.

Fergus Club Mallorca formally BH Mallorca

While this reformation might dishearten a few fans of the Island Beach Club parties, there is no doubt that Fergus Club Mallorca brings a breath of fresh air to Magaluf’s holiday scene. By placing family fun at the center of its approach, the hotel presents a delightful and much-needed contrast to the traditional beachside revelries.

Whether it’s your first time to the Balearic Islands or you’re a seasoned Mallorca lover, get ready to fall in love with this island anew, courtesy of the fabulous offerings from the Fergus Club Mallorca Hotel. With its doors opening this summer, the countdown to an extraordinary holiday experience begins!

Images copyright and Fergus Hotels.