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Pirates Adventure Magaluf Family Show

Welcome aboard the thrilling Pirates Adventure in Magaluf, the ultimate family show that promises an unforgettable evening of spectacular entertainment, breathtaking stunts, and a captivating storyline set on the high seas! 

Learn the lore behind our world-renowned show, where daring pirates, acrobatic feats, and magical moments come to life in an immersive theatrical experience. Be enthralled as our skilled performers engage in epic battles and showcase dazzling performances, all set within a purpose-built pirate ship arena that makes you feel part of the action!

Food Included

All tickets include a meal of roast chicken and steakhouse fries followed by an ice cream (a vegetarian/vegan option is available but must be booked beforehand). This will be served on arrival before the show. A selection of free soft drinks and water are available to everybody up to the end of the meal and the show starting.

This is the original family version of the show. For the adults only version, please see Pirates Reloaded.

Pirates Adventure Magaluf Family Show is a captivating live entertainment experience that offers families and visitors to Magaluf an unforgettable night of excitement, fun, and adventure. Since its inception, the show has become a must-see attraction, known for its spectacular performances that blend impressive acrobatics, swordplay, dance, and music into a compelling storyline suitable for all ages.

Set within a custom-built theatre designed to immerse the audience in a pirate-themed environment, the Pirates Adventure Show transports its viewers to a time of fearless buccaneers and maritime legends. The venue, often referred to as the Pirates Theatre, is ingeniously crafted to replicate the interior of a pirate galleon, enhancing the overall experience and making audience members feel as if they are part of the high seas adventure.

The narrative of the show focuses on a group of pirates embarking on a daring adventure in search of treasure and glory. The storyline is brought to life by a talented cast of actors, gymnasts, and dancers who perform breathtaking feats, from aerial acrobatics to thrilling sword fights, all synchronised to a powerful soundtrack that further enlivens the action.

One of the show’s unique features is its interactive element; audience participation is encouraged, with guests young and old finding themselves cheering for their pirate heroes, participating in chants, and even becoming part of the action at certain points. This interactivity ensures a lively atmosphere and a personal connection to the story unfolding on stage.

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